Here is a sneak peek of my current WIP Tempting Taylor (Triple Star Ranch #2) .  And a link to more…

Chapter One

Las Vegas, Nevada  

“Ice the bitch.”  Heavy footsteps grew louder as the assailant came into the bedroom.She wished with all her being that she could recognize his cold voice. Just a hint of recognition before she died.

Small, be very small. Taylor made herself as flat as she could, scrunched to the center of the floor space underneath her bed and held her breath.  Pop. Pop. Muffled gunshots. She prayed they couldn’t hear the involuntary jerk of her body against the box springs. Julie’s passed out in my bed. No. They think she’s me asleep in my bed. Covering her mouth with both hands, Taylor fought back the scream. Oh, God. I want Cade. He’d know what to do.

“Hurry the hell up. Did you find it?” The growl came from the living area of her one-bedroom apartment. She never understood the unwritten rule that stars were supposed to live in sprawling mansions. The empty space of a large house would have made her long for home and crowded rooms. Vegas was loud and bawdy, unapologetically lavish and a little crass. No pretensions, just honest and rowdy and she loved living there.

“No. We’ve tossed everything. It isn’t here. You set it? How long?”

“Twenty. You do her?”

“Two in the head just like he asked. Money in the bank. Taylor Ross will be on the front page of every newspaper, top story on the news by morning and we’ll be across the border.”

“Then let’s get the hell out of here before this thing blows.”

Blood. The coppery smell lay thick on the air. She covered her mouth with the collar of her t-shirt. Twenty minutes? She waited till she heard the door click shut.

Come on, Taylor. Lay here and die or run.

She inched out from under the bed, ran into the adjoining bathroom without stopping to check on Julie. She knew her friend was dead. On auto pilot, she swept a hand across the sink, shoving through the wreckage of expensive cosmetics, perfume and hair products lying broken and scattered off the granite bathroom countertop. Nothing lost that money couldn’t buy. Nothing except Julie.

She opened the linen closet, grabbed the messenger bag she kept there, took out Cade’s ball cap and tugged in down to hide her eyes. Thousand dollar garments lay ripped to shreds in her bedroom. Don’t look at her. The grief will kill you. There isn’t time. Even the kitchen was wrecked.  Oh, God.

No. No. Who would want me dead? Was it money? She’d give anything to bring Julie back but that wasn’t possible. Her hands started to shake as she looped the strap over her head to lay across her chest.

Someone wanted her dead, but why?  When they realized their mistake they’d be back to finish the job. She only had one choice. Run. Taylor tucked her long blonde hair underneath the old ball cap Cade had given her when she’d headed west. Taking a quick glance in the mirror, she studied the ripped worn out jeans, faded Auburn University t-shirt, sneakers, camouflage jacket she had worn down to the convenience store on an ice cream run. No one would recognize her in this get up. The Taylor Ross, Hollywood star, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing such things according to the gossip rags, but Tay? Definitely.

She stuffed the roll of emergency cash she kept hidden under the sink into her bra and ran through the living room. There on her coffee table was a makeshift device with a digital counter.  The clock was set at ten minutes. She set a timer on her phone. No time to call police and if she did, then they would know she was alive and so would Julie’s killers. She pulled the door shut and ran into the hall.

Nine minutes. Looking down the corridor she saw no one. The elevator would take too long. She thought of all the people who must be inside the building at 2:30 in the morning. Bolting for the stairway exit, Taylor pulled the fire alarm and ran down the stairs. As she hit the third floor landing, a maid emerged from the door to the hallway and bumped into her. Shielding her eyes with the cap, she said. “There’s a bomb on the top floor. Get as many out as you can.”

Seven minutes. Escaping the building through the ground floor fire exit, she slumped her shoulders, tried to appear inconvenienced and slouchy as she blended in with the crowd spilling out of the hotel.

Three minutes.  The first siren cut through the air, but they wouldn’t make it in time. She kept walking, drifting away from the rubberneckers. One block, then two, before she made the third intersection she ducked into an alley and ran until her breath sliced in and out of her lungs.

One minute. She ducked into another alley. How far away was she? Five blocks? Six? Her feet flexed in well-worn sneakers. That letter in track was coming in handy. She looked at the timer on her iPhone and leaned against the brick of one of the buildings that made the alleyway.

Thirty seconds. Oh, God. They could be here or anywhere. Waiting to jump her. Blending in with the crowd as she was doing. They had to be watching to make sure it went off.

Tay pulled her iPhone out of her back pocket, and spoke quietly “Call, Cade.” Praying, she listened to several rings. She thought of the time difference. He’d be driving into work, but he’d call her back. Please pick up. Please. Please. Help me.

“Hey, this is Cade. You know what to do.”  A long beep sounded. Damn.

“Please call me back and hurry. I don’t know how much time I have.” She paused. There was every chance she might die any minute and if she did, there was one thing she couldn’t die without saying. “I love you.”

The night exploded.

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