Happy anniversary to my husband Jackie.  Twenty one years (total) is a long time. We’ve been through a heck of a lot of misery but it has been balanced with joy too. We’ve managed to survive this thing called life. Sometimes just barely by the skin of our teeth, but we are still here together, hanging on.

We didn’t have a wedding cake, fancy ceremony or even a church. I married my love wearing blue jeans and a Auburn university polo shirt. His attire was similar but the shirt orange instead of striped like mine. I guess the trappings are just that. Trappings. The only thing I guess I missed was the cake, because really…cake. Who doesn’t like cake.

There are times when he drives me nuts and I wonder how I’ll get through the day. There are many more times when I love him so much I can’t breathe and I wonder how I’ll ever get through the day without knowing  he is there. Hopefully, I won’t have to find out for a very long time.

A word of advice to those searching for fairy tales in the real world. They aren’t easy to find. Harder to hold. And they are a lot of work. They are long days, and short nights. Forgiving when you don’t think you can and maybe even when you shouldn’t. It’s sharing pain when your heart feels like it will shatter from it. And living the joy that fills your heart until there’s no more room and it spills over.  Real love may be unconditional but it takes faith and patience to thrive.

To another year.